"model_version": "ML_MORF.20210112",
    "questions": {
      "is_smoking": "yes",
      "is_pregnant": "no",
      "chronic_disease": [
    "params": {
      "Age": [23],
      "Sex": ["F"],
      "WBC": [4.43],
      "RBC": [5.21],
      "HGB": [15.9],
      "HCT": [46.8],
      "MCV": [90],
      "MCH": [30.5],
      "MCHC": [34],
      "RDW": [13.4],
      "PLT": [200]


Polycythemia vera
Probability: 68,9%
Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia due to intrinsic factor deficiency
Probability: 22,4%
Chronic acquired pure red cell aplasia
Probability: 11,1%
Other aplastic anemias
Probability: 4,1%

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